Wednesday, December 2, 2009

eBay Dons Hoosier Political Hat? Glad I Have Bonanzle!!!

I guess Meg's aspirations are making the grade for eBay:

It is a worthy cause in more ways than one.

My favorite part is in the description: "...*Winning bid will receive a copy of the constitution with an amendment written in sharpie marker justifying how votes can now be bought out with taxpayer dollars (ie, Senator Landrieu from Louisiana) or with corporate board memberships (ie, Susan Bayh - board member of 6 corporate boards, earning more than $1 MILLION a year).

Call Senator Bayh now at 202-224-5623 with your questions about how he will be / has been bid out by President Obama at his December 2, 2009 White House meeting.


**Indiana Senator Evan Bayh's vote isn't seriously up for bidding on ebay, but it might as well be!

***50% of this sale's proceeds will go to St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital - Carmel, Indiana -

This sale is being held by Derek Trovillion, a supporter of Marlin Stutzman for US Senate, as he runs against Senator Evan Bayh, Washington Millionaire (up for reelection/firing in November 2010).

Visit for more details about this conservative, Republican candidate.
(Someone who is a deficit hawk even on non-election years..."

I strongly support St. Jude's, I strongly support the defeat of Sen. Bayh, but I really support Bonanzle.

Second Merry Christmas at Bonanzle

Another Christmas and Bonanzle is still growing strong.

Just sold my Lefton Butcher miniature figure last night. He belongs to the LEFTON COLONIAL VILLAGE. It's wonderful to help someone else build their collection. It's going to be a Merry Christmas!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Unique Gifts this Christmas on Bonanzle

What a great idea! And savvy Bonanzle sellers know how to enlighten the masses looking for a novel Christmas gift or two, with no strings attached.

Take Susan Leak aka Renagade for the superior method of "Best Practices" on Bonanzle. Her article on Associated Content entitled "Make This Christmas One of Unique Gifts" showcases an assembly of diversified sellers. She also set up the article in the community way, with one click on a highlighted product link, you are immediately perusing a Bonanzle booth.

Now Susan and I have never met face to face but I feel that we know each other well enough, so that I can say........... She's one of the best in the business, she's structured, knowledgeable, fair, caring, and sharing of both her time and energy. Stop by any of her sites, to learn about what's hot or up and coming in the music world. Or maybe you need to know how to care for those "antique" 33 albums, she knows all about that too!

Thanks Ren for all you do!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

My Last Bonanza on Bonanzle for 2009

I am holding my last Bonanza on Bonanzle this year. I won't have another until after the first of January. I am sure time that slots are going to fill up like crazy over the next several weeks and clearly I would love to shop too. I have already started with one order today. I am not waiting for Black Friday, nor do I want to deal with any crowds.

Like a bad penny, you never know where I will show up, but one guarantee..... I'll be on Bonanzle.

A Bonanzle Seller Best Practice

I have been waiting for quite some time and I finally saw it happen on Bonannzle. Sellers who offer the same line of product on a regular basis have an added tool at their disposal for their Bonanzas. I am not speaking of the "reminder" button that buyers will hit, I am talking about the personal touch.

Gems of NirvanaClick on the image for Gems of Nirvana's Main Site

Bonanzle site link: Gems of Nirvana made me smile today with a "Best Practice" personal message invite to their Bonanza scheduled later today.

Grassroots growth and innovation abounds among the community with new tips on managing your own business. Thanks Gems of Nirvana. Please stop by their booth today and see what is going right in business and take advantage of their Bonanza with a discount of 15%.

Also posted on:
Bobbi85710's Mouth in the South Baby Boomer Banter

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Bonanzle Holidays Are Fast Approaching

As the holidays are fast approaching I am adding more items daily to my Bonanzle Booth. I have also learned that I need to try to condense all my diverse blogs and sites. Eventually I will categorize and hit all the areas that I prioritize on my new Blog on Wordpress. It's terribly busy jumping from Bonanzle to Facebook to Twitter to The 912 Project Fan Site then to StumbleUpon, Yahoo Buzz, Bebo and so many more - but I am going to work a schedule. I am going to use the Wordpress site to hit all the categories then send them to the correct blog/site.

So to all the Bonanzlers get busy sprucing up your booth and get ready for business. It's started and it's only going to get busier.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Since the Last Time I Posted.............

...lots of activity in Washington, DC but that's another story. I hope everyone has been well in the last month and a half.

I haven't given any tips in a while and since I am getting ready to hold a Bonanza, I thought that I would offer up some extra advertising information. Many sellers will know where these links are, but buyers may not know where these bargains can be found and sometimes close to home with local pick-up. Bonanzlers are so creative!

Usually 1 week prior to my Bonanza event I will link up to these sites:

While these are great links, the most powerful tool for the best deals is right on the Bonanzle home page. It is the upcoming Bonanzas' links under the Buy box. Christmas isn't too far off and savvy shoppers are trolling for all the bargains now. They aren't waiting until Black Friday this year!

Monday, August 31, 2009

Article via Auctionbytes on Bonanzle Today

More Great News and Surprises on the way! Auctionbytes has a few words to say!

Bye August, going to pop up my September Banner today!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Well It Has Been Awhile... My 1st Year Anniversary Has Come & Gone

There's a "Point" I'd like to make. I don't get here as often as I should, but I never forget a treasure or a pleasure. Those who know me, know that I have been oh so busy with so many endeavors but I try to make the rounds periodically on all my activities. Just to update........ I passed all medical tests with flying colors, so I am one of the lucky ones!

Second, I have been interacting with many political - up and coming - movers and shakers. It has been very enlightening. I do not envy them one iota.

Lastly my Bonanzle booth has been keeping me hopping. Whether it has been a local direct sale and lead or my booth alone, I am still one happy camper.

Booth Item Stats
Local items removed for sale do not show but:
Currently for sale: 545 items
Sold since booth opened: 129 items

Thanks Bill & Mark

Friday, July 10, 2009

Anniversary on Bonanzle in 4 Days = 1 Happy Year

Now I don't say it as often as I should, but I think of Mark & Bill every time I sign onto Bonanzle. Whether I receive a message, a sale, or just changing my monthly banner, I give thanks for the best alternative platform selling site since Gold's Auction. That site too, way back when in the wee beginning of e-commerce, gave the Monster a run for its money.

Believe it or not, some early sites caved and were absorbed by the eBorg. They didn't have the passion, the pleasure, and the patience to allow their seed to grow and bloom as Bonanzle has. I admire the technique and simplicity of the site, and the magnificent changes (all too often copied by small fry guys or even hamburglers???)...

...and upgrades that have done so much to compliment the selling and buying experience.

All I can say is that it's been a great year and my hope is for many more years to come.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Bonanzle - Opportunity Selling

5 Days from now, will be my 1 year anniversary of cutting the ties that bound by eBay and Paypal.

14 Days from now, will be my 1 year anniversary when I bravely visited a Beta site called Bonanzle and signed on. It was in the works, needed a bit of tweaking, and a few extra attributes and it was rocking. Just 3 weeks after adding some items, I believe 25 items or so, I sold my first item locally and it was a pickup, not a ship out. That was scary and cool at the same time.

It's been a rocking year in more ways than one. I always love picking a winner! Many things have changed or upgraded but what was true then, is true today. A seller on Bonanzle is in control of their own business with the blessings of the owners and administrators. Thank you Bill and Mark for creating such a successful site and taking a chance with so many sellers.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Back to My Bonanzle - I Have Been Slacking

Getting back to work on Bonanzle. I have been slacking terribly. I will pop up a few new items here and there into my booth, usually after a sale or two. And I have been involved with so many events lately (excuses, excuses, I know). However, it's just over a month away from my 1 year anniversary with Bonanzle, and I want to really increase my item count. I have been quite pleased at the performance/sales and have planned for my next Bonanza on my Bonanzle anniversary date. Will Blog more details as the date nears.

Some key Bonanzle Current Stats:
# Your booth last sent items to Google Base on 06/10/09. Nice!
# Your booth has 509 items for sale.
# This site currently has 65921 users.
# 2,028,399 items found for Anything
# Has a booth..15516 total

My Fetish - necklace - I will be adding sometime today. lol

Friday, May 29, 2009

Bonanzle Bonanza & BonanzleUpMobile

Over the next few days, there are Bonanzle events near & dear to me. First I will be conducting my delayed monthly Bonanza, Saturday afternoon with a 33% discount.

Then Monday evening AuctionWally on Talkshoe will be conducting a live auction on the BonanzleUpMobile booth to benefit St. Judes. Don't miss it.

Monday, May 25, 2009

BonanzleUpMobile Bonanzle My Foggy Weekend

Anyone who knows me, knows how diligent I am about any project I work on. Well this past holiday weekend found me in a foggy condition. I had a major tooth and jaw ache, when of course all dentists and doctors were away on vacation. Oh well, I survived and will see someone tomorrow.

However I need to update within my blog, the new online date for the live BonanzleUpMobile Auction to be conducted by AuctionWally.

Here is the latest information:


When: June 1st beginning at 8 pm.

Friday, May 15, 2009

BonanzleUpMobile Live Auction Reminder 2 Weeks on Bonanzle

Just a reminder that the BonanzleUpMobile Live Auction will be coming up before you know it in two weeks. It will be held May 30th and if you haven't stopped by for the previews, here are the view counts so far:

Item View Counts

These stats do not include you looking at your own items.
Item View Count
Roseville Pink Planter Vessel with Mark 1210-95 95
Bonanzle Booth Consultation, Learn to Sell on Bonanzle 89
Swarovski Blue Sapphire 925 Sterling Silver Ring Size 7 79
Pear Shape Smokey Quartz & Oval Rubillite Red Tourmaline 76
8 Ad Spots 30 seconds, on EbayandBeyond: Basics to Business 69
Power Packed Disney Princess and Prince Stuffed Doll Lot 64
Grateful Dead Nicholas 14" Plush Bear & 3 Tie Dye T Shirts 44
Lot of 4 Chilean Miniature Drinking Vessels Vintage Silver? 44
2 Winchester Bone Handled Knife Sets 43
Gorgeous Lot of 4 Customized And Designed Shirts 43
Bonanzle Booth Banner 38
Child's Playroom or Bedroom Golf Theme Rug 27 x 80 Inches 38
Gold plated 24" long pressed Figaro chain necklace 5mm wide 34
Santa 10 inch Doll and Dogs Fabric Mache - New with Tag 33
Stretchable Bracelet Faux Turquoise Beads and Rhinestones 33
Customized Silver & Swarovski Crystal Bracelet 32
Annick Goutal Grand Amour 3.3 fl oz Spray 32
John Wayne Vintage Cowboy Shot - New Poster 24 x 36 29
Perfect Pampering Package of Pomegranate Products 28
Gold over Sterling Silver Diamond Heart Pendant Necklace 25
Mixed Lot - Rubber Stamps, Hannah Montana, & Frame 22
Canon Pixma MP240 All-in One Photo Printer 22
Handmade Rag Quilt Tote, One of A Kind 16
Speciality Pair of Coca Cola Country Inspired Beanie Babies 12
Two Beautiful Handcrafted Folk Art Shorebirds Carved by Ne 6
Stuffed Easter Duck Fluff & Ready to Pack Away for Next Eas 5
Eight 5 x 7 Unframed Inspirational Floral Themed Prints 2

I have co-joined the items on Tweba for 1 week today and will renew the counts again next Friday all in time for Saturday May the 30th Live Auction. I'll be also popping one or two items daily now on Twitter until just a few days before. Then all will go up for 3 days straight as well as various blogs and ad notices. As soon as AuctionWally & Phaedra specify the times, that will be noted on the auctions as well.

Preview items here:

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Funnel Never Stop at Bonanzle

I just couldn't let this picture and the title pass by without posting it.

The Funnel Never Stop at Bonanzle.

Say it fast 3 times & you get it :)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day on Bonanzle

Happy Mother's Day on Bonanzle. To help celebrate the day I have initiated a discount on all items in my booth by 50% until 5 pm CST. Just for the fun of it. Have a wonderful day, Bobbi

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Bonanzle Always in Pursuit of Excellence

Today's Blog by Bill on Bonanzle starts: "Fast Growth vs. Smart Growth May 07, 2009 Here at Bonanzle Headquarters, we spend a lot of time thinking about what Bonanzle will look like 6-12 months down the road (and beyond). Many of our "old timers" have been able to enjoy the oft-recounted tales of our snappy growth to date, having now built to almost one million unique monthly visitors and two million items less than a year after our launch. This growth has been fast (and exciting!), but in considering the longer-term vision for Bonanzle, the key question is always: what next? ......"

The rest of the Blog entry:

Bill does a bang up job of explaining the priorities and direction of Bonanzle tools, adjustments, and reason.

As my comment on the Blog states: "bobbi85710 says:
05/07/09 at 09:34:00

I’m always so glad that adjustments remain in the best interest of all. Informative and transparent in the pursuit of excellence. Thank-you!"

Friday, May 1, 2009

My First Fees Paid to Bonanzle

I am now a proud 9 Point owner on Bonanzle today. I have paid my first fees, I was grandfathered in the 1st 6 months. I was member #363.

Yes, I know I am cheap, but is it wrong to want more value for my money than less these days? I am quite pleased because I knew early on that Bonanzle would be my new home base. I am so willing to pay for such a valuable service, quickly and happily. Thanks Bonanzle!

My Point Parade:

# Points_to_consider

bobbi85710 has done all of the following:

1. Filled out profile information about themselves. See profile.
2. Used a valid credit card to pay Bonanzle fees or membership dues.
3. Received personal recommendations from other Bonanzle members. See them at the bottom of their profile page.
4. Received at least five positive feedback from transactions occurring on Bonanzle. See all feedback.
5. Filled out a detailed overview of their booth. See their detailed overview.
6. Provided detailed policies for their booth. See their booth policies.
7. Posted at least 20 messages in the Bonanzle message forums (118 messages, to be exact).
8. Given at least one other way they can be found online or offline, besides Bonanzle. See profile.
9. Logged into Bonanzle within the last month.

There are nine total points we consider when compiling the above list. A score of four is about normal for a user that has been at Bonanzle longer than a month. Very few users have more than seven. See all points considered here.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Auctions and Antiques Examiner: Bonanzle going viral - second largest eBay alternative surges past 50,000 users

Auctions and Antiques Examiner: Bonanzle going viral - second largest eBay alternative surges past 50,000 users

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Awesome writeup AuctionWally. You are a gem! And speaking of gems, the one pictured above will be up for auction on Bonanzle to benefit St. Jude's on May 30th. Preview booth is:

AuctionWally will be calling them live!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Bonanzle Glides Up the PSU Auction Count Page

Well if it's not one great Bonanzle event after another! Today Bonanzle hit the 3rd spot on the PSU site count page! Thanks BrightestBlessings for letting me know when it happened :) so I could Tweet about it ;)

This is the day after the 50K mark was achieved in membership, WOW!

I have been busy today with another little gem/tool Tweba. Tweba is another listing site that is interactive with many social networks including Twitter via a 3rd party app. I hope all previous kinks have been worked out and Tweba will be solid this time around :) I have begun to link my Bonanzle items for further viewing/advertising:

Checking another combo Bonanzle & Tweba listing
Monday April 27, 2009 - 04:45pm (CDT) Permanent Link | 0 Comments
Checking a combo Bonanzle & Tweba listing
Monday April 27, 2009 - 04:24pm (CDT) Permanent Link | 0 Comments

Just a couple of tests before I load her up! This is another opportunity for world viewing.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Bonanzle Blooming hits 50,000 Members Today

My morning stats:

* Your booth last sent items to Google Base on 04/26/09. Nice!
* Your booth has 480 items for sale.
* This site currently has 50000 users.
* You currently owe no fees...
* Abe Vigoda is most likely alive, but it certainly doesn't hurt to double check.

Bonanzle has just hit the 50K membership mark. Congrats to the entire Bonanzle community. Together a new best venue site has been established!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My Bonanza 4/23/2009 on Bonanzle & Visit on The River The Ranch and The Bay

Rock on! It's time for my monthly Bonanza. I really did try to get back up to 500 items this week but I have had some brisk local and internet Bonanzle sales. Darn! I wanted to hit 500 again in anticipation of Bonanzle cracking the 50K mark. Well I guess I will add throughout tonight further and tomorrow during the day.

Wow I had a blast tonight on-

Talk Shoe's ---- The River The Ranch and The Bay, Beth & Kat were fabulous and so cordial. Thanks so much for giving me a moment! Everyone should visit on Wednesday nights! They cover a multitude of sites, techniques and subjects.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Bonanzle Growth Mushrooms to 48K Today

Ecbeauty hit the Twitter Stream with this message that I retweeted:

RT @ecbeauty: 48,000 registered Bonanzle users at 1:20 pm Thanks for the update!

Bonanzle growth continues to mushroom beyond expectations. It's fun, fair, and each and every seller maintains control of their business. The buyers are delighted to find items that can no longer be found on the massive missive venues.

Sellers/Booth Owners number currently 14255 which is less than 1/3 off all members. We are doing something oh so right.

By the way this week I will have, I believe, my 6th Bonanza...more likely 7th. But either way, I love shopping Bonanzas and holding them as well.

Congrats to Bonanzle, 50K next week? What's your prediction?

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Bonanzle Surpasses 47K Membership Tonight

Well it's always a bright spot during this recession to see the growth of Bonanzle. He/She/It surpassed the 47,000 membership mark tonight. It's party time as the countdown to 50,000 in Membership watch begins. I remember the early days.....oh yeah, that was only months ago and look at Bonanzle grow! I am amazed to see such success when all other venues are struggling. Go Bonanzle Go!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter to Bonanzle and Bonanzlers

Just a Happy Easter to Bonanzle and Bonanzlers. Share the Day!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Bonanzle Spring, Easter on the Way

So much has been "hoppin" here. Bonanzle sales are excellent. Bonanzle growth is over 46K members, the BonanzleUp in Mobile has been canceled and members directed to Wichita, but the Live Auction is still a go with proceeds going to St. Judes.

My visiting family with first grandchild in tow has returned to their home state today and I am having Grammy pains. The tornado threat last night was strong and unfortunately several towns here in Arkansas were affected with major damage and loss of life.

May the rest of Spring settle in more quietly...except for the sales :)

Will be getting back to my regular routine tomorrow and posting on all of my blogs.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Bonanzle BonanzleUP Mobile Meeting Reservation

Canceled and all interested members are requested to join at Wichita!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here's the link to the BonanzleUp Mobile Meeting Reservation:

Here's the link to all BonanzleUp meetings:

Here's the link to the instant updates on BonanzleUp Mobile in the Bonanzle threads:

Hope to see you there!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Bonanzle Has So Many Options

I love that Bonanzle has so many options available. My neighborhood has an annual yard sale that I can advertise in my booth for the community. I have also assisted the neighborhood leader by adding an ad to Craigslist, Walmart Classifieds, LiveSimon, Kijiji, Twitter, and more. How great is that? All connected and yet linked to Oodle, AOL Classifieds, Beat My Price etc due to double linkage. Secondary, another view of my booth items in person. Go Bonanzle!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Bonanzle Milestone


Just a quick notation on another Bonanzle milestone. I can't wait to look back and say, I remember when there were only....

Can you believe the progress? Bonanzle growth is unprecedented. Go Bonanzle!

***clip via EC Beauty on the Bonanzle thread
Here's her Bonanzle booth

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Best Offer Item on my Bonanza at Bonanzle

I'm popping this Opal up for a Best Offer Item on my Bonanza at Bonanzle tonight. Offers taken only during its 2 hour run. Good luck to all.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Direct Hit - Bonanzle to Surpass 42K Membership Today

Wild times abound as Bonanzle surpasses the 42,000 membership mark today. As of the moment it hovers at 41,944. With the mass entry of new members, I am glad to see that Tom has arrived. Maybe Bill & Mark can get some sleep, spend some time with their families or just have a day off.

Notice the care used by Bonanzle for it's members. They add personnel, as needed, that knows how the company works and the value of the community. How fabulous is that? A few other venues could learn a thing or two about the personal touch but I'd rather not dwell on the tawdry. I like to make the most of each milestone because these numbers will never be seen "that low" again. Go Bonanzle!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What's New and Who's New At Bonanzle?

EGG-Zactly Moving Forward

What's New at Bonanzle?
Enhanced searches. Read about it here:

Who's New at Bonanzle?
Tom Halfacer. Read about him here:

It is so refreshing to be with a venue, that recognizes needs and fulfills them. Go Bonanzle!

Bonanza on Bonanzle My Booth 38% off Thurday Evening, Classifieds Ad ID: 115902196


A quick link to my Bonanza, this Thursday Evening. I wanted to hold it before our annual neighborhood yard sale on April 4th.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Bonanzle Boom - Bonanza Bounty

Boom of Diamonds, Bounty for the Dedicated

Yesterday, our family went digging for Diamonds in Murfreesboro. It is the only public Diamond mine on the planet and the 8th largest reserve. $ 7 a day (adult price), all you find, you keep. They are elusive so you really have to work at it. The pic above shows a few of the other diamond searchers.

Now Bonanzle is achieving that same scenario. Bonanzle is the mine. Sellers are like the searchers. They are strewn throughout the Bonanzle like the diamonds. They find a wonderful site but they need to work it to achieve those sales. Bonanzle provides wonderful tools to incorporate the buyer search. As of today 41,000 members know a great find in Bonanzle.

Speaking of tools on Bonanzle, I will be adding many items this week as I am ending my B&M. I have a Bonanza scheduled for 38% off March 26th at 6 PM PST, 7 PM MST, 8 PM CST & 9 PM EST, This Thursday. Quick link to preview my booth can be found at the right by clicking on one of the mugs.

PS. I am still Queen of Jasper & Kimberlite, no Diamonds yesterday.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Bonanzle - What a Gem !

Looks like Bonanzle will achieve the 40K membership mark today, 2 days earlier than I originally predicted. Well, with Bonanzle being the gem of the new and now 'established' on-line market venues, this should come as no surprise. Daily, the number of members flocking to Bonanzle, increases remarkably.

If you haven't looked into Bonanzle yet, a great way to meet other members who are experiencing the success Bonanzle brings, is to find a close BonanzleUp. Look to:

for current meetings.

I am working towards a trip to Mobile, Alabama. More details about Mobile and the preview of Live Auction items can be found here:

Seating is still available for this event, if you wish to attend or want more info Just use the contact button under avatar in the BonanzleUpMobile Booth.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Bonanzle Members Grow Bonanzleup Meetings

Fast on the heels of the red hot venue Bonanzle, various members are coming together in real world networking meetings. Independent of Bonanzle but created by the common thread of Bonanzle, these meetings will incorporate the best of Bonanzle and strategies. To see if a Bonanzle.up Meeting is scheduled close to you, check out:

Watch various forums and blogs for quick updates. Fast updates can be found immediately here:

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Bonanzle Rock "Crush"ing Another Mile Marker

Well another Sunday and another Bonanzle Mile Marker achieved. Over 39K membership and on the the way to 40K. Success continues at Bonanzle.

Now there's a new area for Bonanzles to gather together. Preview below but here is the link:

Gorgeous platform for discussions. Links are recommended. Transparency appreciated! Thanks to John, it's fabulous!

Friday, March 13, 2009

I Luv My Bonanzle Booth Review

I am just having a blast with a new area. It is wonderfully simple and has diverse opportunities. Thank-you Phaedra for the invite.

It doesn't get any better than this!

Bonanzle Hears the Roar of the Crowd

For every misstep that occurs on the 'big' venue, sellers and buyers continue to flock to Bonanzle. I guess I had an earlier indicator than most. I signed up as member # 363 on July 14th, 2008. I started slowly, and I do mean slowly, adding a couple items here and there on Bonanzle. I watched membership growing slowly as well. By the 3rd week, membership had almost doubled and I sold my first item on transaction # 109. I was certain this was the choice venue. I went with my gut and I was right.

Yesterday I sold to two new members, one is a jumper from the 'big' venue who has had enough. He intends to make Bonanzle his new home. I also extended my offer to help him in his transition and an invitation to the Mobile, AL event. He was amazed. Different venue, different course. Bonanzle hears the roar of the crowd. Successful sellers sell and successful sellers are at Bonanzle. Buyers also have extensive choices and selections. Many small to medium sellers add more variety than 1 large drop shipper and Bonanzle provides this savvy source to buyers.

Watch the trends, light meetings are being formed, membership will hit 39K this weekend, sales are increasing, media coverage continues and jealous pundits abound. All are signs of success. Do you Bonanzle? Easy to view, just click on one of my steins on my widget to the right and you will be taken to the site. Navigation is super simple.

***The pic above shows just a small portion of my earring collection. Yes, those earrings help me to hear the roar!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Bonanzle Community is to be Admired

If you haven't had a moment to check the Bonanzle Blog by Bill, here you go:

It's chock full of information and insight.

I read all the responses as well, and how appreciative and insightful they are!!!

The Bonanzle Community is to be admired.

The best example of e-commerce out there. No one else mirrors Bonanzle!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Bonanzle Growth and Bonanzlers Get Together

Well Bonanzle has marked another milestone: 38,000 users at 1:54 a.m. EST or 10:54 p.m. PST Bonanzle Time, last night or this morning depending where you are. Fabulous! Who knew, everyone who has stopped by for a view, to sell or to buy! When you see something so right, you know it! Having said this, many know that the support and friendships made are second to none elsewhere and extend past the buy/sell scenario.

Mid May there will be a casual get together in the Seattle area for many Bonanzlers, where many will get to meet and greet Bill and Mark. Unfortunately everyone may not be able to attend due to distance or circumstances.

There also will be a late May get together in Mobile, Alabama where all Bonanzlers are welcome. Details are in the works now and will be updated as quickly as they happen. Get your bags packed and

Watch this Blog, Twitter,

attheboutique's Blog

Bonanzle Forum Thread

for updates. We hope to see you there!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Thank-you to Bonanzle and More - Best Foot Forward

Sometimes you just need to say 'Thank-you' as I have done in the PSU forums. It is still a whirl wind of chaos at so I wanted my thoughts known here:

Post Posted: Tue Mar 10, 2009 10:30 am Post subject: #33
Back to top

I am so glad that I am so busy selling these days that I don't have the free time to engage on the PSU forums as often.

Real sellers, sell at their chosen venues with all the transparency and amenities offered.

First, I thank Bill & Mark for every advantage they provide to us with Bonanzle.

I thank AuctionWally for his Brainstorming Bonanzle show.

I thank Scott Pooler for his Bonanzle store opportunity.

I thank Ina Steiner for her articles and EPIS.

I thank Google for providing top viewing for our listings and high search.

I thank every Bonanzle member for outstanding performance.

I am grateful to have these strong individuals and businesses for support as well as many other sites and individuals. You make my sales a breeze.

Best Foot Forward, One Step at a Time!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Blog Catalog Bonanzle - A Delightful Dish is another circle of Bonanzle friends starting to spread wings. Immediate access to blogs instead of searching by topic. Nice!

***Recipe for My Oatmeal Paradise - Light luncheon fare

1/3 Cup Plain Oats
1 Teaspoon of Butter
Dash salt
Dash Pepper

Heat butter in pan, mix ingredients and lightly toast for 4 minutes stirring often. Set aside to add last.

1 Bag of Fresh Spinach
Red Cabbage
1 Fresh Portabello Mushroom

Wash, Rinse, Pat dry spinach, slice thin pieces of cabbage & mushroom, align and add a few leaves of cilantro as garnish or spice.

Dressing to taste
1 lime squeezed
1/2 cup white vinegar
5 tablespoons of sugar
dash of fresh ground ginger

Can be done hours earlier to chill.

Deep Fried Shrimp
Fresh Shrimp cleaned with tail tips left attached
1 Egg
2 packages each of Instant Quacker Oatmeal - Brown Sugar & Cinnamon Spice

Combine oat packages into secure ziplock bag. Whisk egg. Dip shrimp in egg and individually shake in bag. Deep fry about 2 minutes or until golden brown.

Build your salad, plating the shrimp, add dressing & sprinkle with toasted oats. The flavors, colors, & textures are amazing. Great summer dish.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Bonanzle - Payment Choices for Sellers and Buyers

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On Bonanzle, buyers and sellers are in control of their financial exchanges.

I accept Google Checkout which integrates directly through the Bonanzle system. Nice! I receive Amazon Payments through direct billing. Nice!
I accept cash, checks and Money Orders. Great!

I won't accept or use Paypal, let's not go into why. Suffice to say that Red Ink Diary's Blog yesterday was just another head's up and wild awakening to Preypal. Here's a link to her site and post:

So I am offering a replacement, Mpayy. I have used with ease since October of 2008.