Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Direct Hit - Bonanzle to Surpass 42K Membership Today

Wild times abound as Bonanzle surpasses the 42,000 membership mark today. As of the moment it hovers at 41,944. With the mass entry of new members, I am glad to see that Tom has arrived. Maybe Bill & Mark can get some sleep, spend some time with their families or just have a day off.

Notice the care used by Bonanzle for it's members. They add personnel, as needed, that knows how the company works and the value of the community. How fabulous is that? A few other venues could learn a thing or two about the personal touch but I'd rather not dwell on the tawdry. I like to make the most of each milestone because these numbers will never be seen "that low" again. Go Bonanzle!

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