Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving Bonanza!

Jury still out on Rushes, here!

Been slacking, just stopping in to wish all well, and have a powerful Christmas season!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

More Great Press from for Bonanzle

Are You a Fan? I know I am!

As Per:
"Auctionbytes-NewsFlash, Number 2269 - April 20, 2010 - ISSN 1539-5065 | Next Story
Bonanzle Reports Growing Base as It Approaches 2-Year Milestone
By Ina Steiner
April 20, 2010
Reading AuctionBytes: Bonanzle Reports Growing Base as It Approaches 2-Year Milestone

Online marketplace Bonanzle has continued to build its base of buyers and sellers, with membership growing 18% in just the past 6 weeks, standing now at 236,000 registered users. Popular with small online and eBay sellers, the site will turn two in June. Bonanzle receives 1.5 million unique visitors a month and has close to 20,000 active sellers responsible for a total of just under 3 million listings.

Bonanzle employs four people, including founder Bill Harding. That is, if you don't include the users. Spokesperson Mark Dorsey said the company receives tremendous support from the community, from reporting fake items to spreading the word about Bonanzle. Mr. Dorsey said that, based on the site's growth, the company would definitely be adding designers and programmers in the future.

In October, Bonanzle launched an API in beta that allows third-party developers to provide services and tools for buyers and sellers; it remains in development. The biggest priority for Bonanzle, according to Mr. Dorsey, is making sure buyers have a good experience and come back again to the site. Helping with that is a new order resolution center that allows buyers to open up cases with sellers with Bonanzle as facilitator.

Bonanzle calls itself, "Your destination for everything but the ordinary," and its goal is "to be the simplest marketplace online, with an upbeat community that makes buying and selling fun again." So not surprisingly, "electronics" is absent from the top categories, which include Clothing, Jewelry, Home & Garden, Collectibles, Health & Beauty, Crafts, Books and Toys & Hobbies. You'll find cool vintage electronics, Mr. Dorsey said, but you won't find hundreds of identical iPhone covers, in part because the site limits sellers to 10,000 listings.

Aside from a seller base that actively promotes the site, the company purchases Google ads on 10,000 keywords and is about to launch a display ad campaign on various content sites ("yet to be named," Mr. Dorsey said.)

Bonanzle has no plans to slowdown - the company said it is targeting traffic of 5 million unique visitors by the later part of next year."

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Bonanzle Fun Exchange Information Sites Added

Easter is upon us and is the time of sharing a rebirth. As Bonanzle has grown and grown, many of us have expanded our connections across the internet. There are many more Bonanzle sellers and sellers after nearly two years of progress and it shows no signs of slowing down.

Way back when, I built a small info exchange site on Multiply that was just another up and coming social site
and activity is growing there. It's a wonderful place to showcase your wares, ask questions away from the main site, and share happy moments.

Yesterday, I was also looking to produce a site where I could condense a variety of blogs into one main parent site but permit others to incorporate their own blogs/meeting sites as well. I think I have really found the ideal site. I have created a main site, placed a Bonanzler Buyers & Sellers group there
and working on filling in some other groups as well. I have added a Barter Banter Group for trading. Just another idea to work with your extra product or if you are looking for something in particular. Of course there will be a wide variety of groups eventually but that's more eyes on product and info than just remaining in the buying/selling niche of blogs. Please feel free to join either/or and have a Happy Easter!

Monday, March 15, 2010

I Have Added Another Site

I am floating from Blog to
But I feel one can't have enough opportunities.......
You can always pop on here too:

The site is going to be quite a combination of interests and finally a central one :)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Bunny Time at Bonanzle

Just the other day, I made mention of sprucing up your Bonanzle booth. I should have mentioned don't forget your Spring and Easter items. I have such an eclectic mix, I am always prepared. In the last few days I have sold several items including two semi-Easter crossover items:

A Set of Winter Designed Eggs and

A Bugs Bunny Postal Tie.

You still have time to gussy up your booth so March forth on March Fourth!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Spring is Almost in the Air and There's A Spring at Bonanzle

Well it's marching forth at Bonanzle. I hope all Bonanzle sellers are smartly reviewing their booths. Income checks are flowing and sales are brewing. Savvy shoppers know where to find a deal.

I have had two sales since last night and I have a wonderful trade going on. Someone inquired about a mug I had for sale and after perusing my booth realized that I am a rock hound. They came to a middle ground offer & are sending a check with a unique (to their area of the country) selection of stones. Now that could never happen on other venues.

So dust off the clutter and add like mad to your booth. You'll be glad that you did!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Have a Wonderful Valentine's Day

Just good wishes, plus I really like my banner this month... I guess I better get busy on the March one. I know everyone says it's crazy but I really like to change my booth banner once a month. Anyway have a great and warm Valentine's Day!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Well Happy New Year Bonanzlers

As the New Year opens, it's been a busy month for me. Today I took care of a customer's need to view a product further by emailing her the additional photo above. She contacted me via phone from California. She is a grandmother who was helping her grandson on a purchase. Once they connect later, we will see how it goes.

At the same time, I received a recommendation from another seller/buyer today. I don't mix around too much in forums or special events to connect with everyone but they stated that they had watched me for a year. I immediately sent them a Bonanzle email and thanked them. They said that they just had to say something. Wow that rocks! You just never know what your day will bring in the Bonanzle world. This July will be my 2nd anniversary on Bonanzle and 2nd year of freedom from eGreed! Success is a wonderful thing!