Saturday, April 18, 2009

Bonanzle Growth Mushrooms to 48K Today

Ecbeauty hit the Twitter Stream with this message that I retweeted:

RT @ecbeauty: 48,000 registered Bonanzle users at 1:20 pm Thanks for the update!

Bonanzle growth continues to mushroom beyond expectations. It's fun, fair, and each and every seller maintains control of their business. The buyers are delighted to find items that can no longer be found on the massive missive venues.

Sellers/Booth Owners number currently 14255 which is less than 1/3 off all members. We are doing something oh so right.

By the way this week I will have, I believe, my 6th Bonanza...more likely 7th. But either way, I love shopping Bonanzas and holding them as well.

Congrats to Bonanzle, 50K next week? What's your prediction?

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