Friday, March 13, 2009

Bonanzle Hears the Roar of the Crowd

For every misstep that occurs on the 'big' venue, sellers and buyers continue to flock to Bonanzle. I guess I had an earlier indicator than most. I signed up as member # 363 on July 14th, 2008. I started slowly, and I do mean slowly, adding a couple items here and there on Bonanzle. I watched membership growing slowly as well. By the 3rd week, membership had almost doubled and I sold my first item on transaction # 109. I was certain this was the choice venue. I went with my gut and I was right.

Yesterday I sold to two new members, one is a jumper from the 'big' venue who has had enough. He intends to make Bonanzle his new home. I also extended my offer to help him in his transition and an invitation to the Mobile, AL event. He was amazed. Different venue, different course. Bonanzle hears the roar of the crowd. Successful sellers sell and successful sellers are at Bonanzle. Buyers also have extensive choices and selections. Many small to medium sellers add more variety than 1 large drop shipper and Bonanzle provides this savvy source to buyers.

Watch the trends, light meetings are being formed, membership will hit 39K this weekend, sales are increasing, media coverage continues and jealous pundits abound. All are signs of success. Do you Bonanzle? Easy to view, just click on one of my steins on my widget to the right and you will be taken to the site. Navigation is super simple.

***The pic above shows just a small portion of my earring collection. Yes, those earrings help me to hear the roar!

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