Saturday, November 21, 2009

Unique Gifts this Christmas on Bonanzle

What a great idea! And savvy Bonanzle sellers know how to enlighten the masses looking for a novel Christmas gift or two, with no strings attached.

Take Susan Leak aka Renagade for the superior method of "Best Practices" on Bonanzle. Her article on Associated Content entitled "Make This Christmas One of Unique Gifts" showcases an assembly of diversified sellers. She also set up the article in the community way, with one click on a highlighted product link, you are immediately perusing a Bonanzle booth.

Now Susan and I have never met face to face but I feel that we know each other well enough, so that I can say........... She's one of the best in the business, she's structured, knowledgeable, fair, caring, and sharing of both her time and energy. Stop by any of her sites, to learn about what's hot or up and coming in the music world. Or maybe you need to know how to care for those "antique" 33 albums, she knows all about that too!

Thanks Ren for all you do!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

My Last Bonanza on Bonanzle for 2009

I am holding my last Bonanza on Bonanzle this year. I won't have another until after the first of January. I am sure time that slots are going to fill up like crazy over the next several weeks and clearly I would love to shop too. I have already started with one order today. I am not waiting for Black Friday, nor do I want to deal with any crowds.

Like a bad penny, you never know where I will show up, but one guarantee..... I'll be on Bonanzle.

A Bonanzle Seller Best Practice

I have been waiting for quite some time and I finally saw it happen on Bonannzle. Sellers who offer the same line of product on a regular basis have an added tool at their disposal for their Bonanzas. I am not speaking of the "reminder" button that buyers will hit, I am talking about the personal touch.

Gems of NirvanaClick on the image for Gems of Nirvana's Main Site

Bonanzle site link: Gems of Nirvana made me smile today with a "Best Practice" personal message invite to their Bonanza scheduled later today.

Grassroots growth and innovation abounds among the community with new tips on managing your own business. Thanks Gems of Nirvana. Please stop by their booth today and see what is going right in business and take advantage of their Bonanza with a discount of 15%.

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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Bonanzle Holidays Are Fast Approaching

As the holidays are fast approaching I am adding more items daily to my Bonanzle Booth. I have also learned that I need to try to condense all my diverse blogs and sites. Eventually I will categorize and hit all the areas that I prioritize on my new Blog on Wordpress. It's terribly busy jumping from Bonanzle to Facebook to Twitter to The 912 Project Fan Site then to StumbleUpon, Yahoo Buzz, Bebo and so many more - but I am going to work a schedule. I am going to use the Wordpress site to hit all the categories then send them to the correct blog/site.

So to all the Bonanzlers get busy sprucing up your booth and get ready for business. It's started and it's only going to get busier.