Friday, May 29, 2009

Bonanzle Bonanza & BonanzleUpMobile

Over the next few days, there are Bonanzle events near & dear to me. First I will be conducting my delayed monthly Bonanza, Saturday afternoon with a 33% discount.

Then Monday evening AuctionWally on Talkshoe will be conducting a live auction on the BonanzleUpMobile booth to benefit St. Judes. Don't miss it.

Monday, May 25, 2009

BonanzleUpMobile Bonanzle My Foggy Weekend

Anyone who knows me, knows how diligent I am about any project I work on. Well this past holiday weekend found me in a foggy condition. I had a major tooth and jaw ache, when of course all dentists and doctors were away on vacation. Oh well, I survived and will see someone tomorrow.

However I need to update within my blog, the new online date for the live BonanzleUpMobile Auction to be conducted by AuctionWally.

Here is the latest information:


When: June 1st beginning at 8 pm.

Friday, May 15, 2009

BonanzleUpMobile Live Auction Reminder 2 Weeks on Bonanzle

Just a reminder that the BonanzleUpMobile Live Auction will be coming up before you know it in two weeks. It will be held May 30th and if you haven't stopped by for the previews, here are the view counts so far:

Item View Counts

These stats do not include you looking at your own items.
Item View Count
Roseville Pink Planter Vessel with Mark 1210-95 95
Bonanzle Booth Consultation, Learn to Sell on Bonanzle 89
Swarovski Blue Sapphire 925 Sterling Silver Ring Size 7 79
Pear Shape Smokey Quartz & Oval Rubillite Red Tourmaline 76
8 Ad Spots 30 seconds, on EbayandBeyond: Basics to Business 69
Power Packed Disney Princess and Prince Stuffed Doll Lot 64
Grateful Dead Nicholas 14" Plush Bear & 3 Tie Dye T Shirts 44
Lot of 4 Chilean Miniature Drinking Vessels Vintage Silver? 44
2 Winchester Bone Handled Knife Sets 43
Gorgeous Lot of 4 Customized And Designed Shirts 43
Bonanzle Booth Banner 38
Child's Playroom or Bedroom Golf Theme Rug 27 x 80 Inches 38
Gold plated 24" long pressed Figaro chain necklace 5mm wide 34
Santa 10 inch Doll and Dogs Fabric Mache - New with Tag 33
Stretchable Bracelet Faux Turquoise Beads and Rhinestones 33
Customized Silver & Swarovski Crystal Bracelet 32
Annick Goutal Grand Amour 3.3 fl oz Spray 32
John Wayne Vintage Cowboy Shot - New Poster 24 x 36 29
Perfect Pampering Package of Pomegranate Products 28
Gold over Sterling Silver Diamond Heart Pendant Necklace 25
Mixed Lot - Rubber Stamps, Hannah Montana, & Frame 22
Canon Pixma MP240 All-in One Photo Printer 22
Handmade Rag Quilt Tote, One of A Kind 16
Speciality Pair of Coca Cola Country Inspired Beanie Babies 12
Two Beautiful Handcrafted Folk Art Shorebirds Carved by Ne 6
Stuffed Easter Duck Fluff & Ready to Pack Away for Next Eas 5
Eight 5 x 7 Unframed Inspirational Floral Themed Prints 2

I have co-joined the items on Tweba for 1 week today and will renew the counts again next Friday all in time for Saturday May the 30th Live Auction. I'll be also popping one or two items daily now on Twitter until just a few days before. Then all will go up for 3 days straight as well as various blogs and ad notices. As soon as AuctionWally & Phaedra specify the times, that will be noted on the auctions as well.

Preview items here:

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Funnel Never Stop at Bonanzle

I just couldn't let this picture and the title pass by without posting it.

The Funnel Never Stop at Bonanzle.

Say it fast 3 times & you get it :)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day on Bonanzle

Happy Mother's Day on Bonanzle. To help celebrate the day I have initiated a discount on all items in my booth by 50% until 5 pm CST. Just for the fun of it. Have a wonderful day, Bobbi

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Bonanzle Always in Pursuit of Excellence

Today's Blog by Bill on Bonanzle starts: "Fast Growth vs. Smart Growth May 07, 2009 Here at Bonanzle Headquarters, we spend a lot of time thinking about what Bonanzle will look like 6-12 months down the road (and beyond). Many of our "old timers" have been able to enjoy the oft-recounted tales of our snappy growth to date, having now built to almost one million unique monthly visitors and two million items less than a year after our launch. This growth has been fast (and exciting!), but in considering the longer-term vision for Bonanzle, the key question is always: what next? ......"

The rest of the Blog entry:

Bill does a bang up job of explaining the priorities and direction of Bonanzle tools, adjustments, and reason.

As my comment on the Blog states: "bobbi85710 says:
05/07/09 at 09:34:00

I’m always so glad that adjustments remain in the best interest of all. Informative and transparent in the pursuit of excellence. Thank-you!"

Friday, May 1, 2009

My First Fees Paid to Bonanzle

I am now a proud 9 Point owner on Bonanzle today. I have paid my first fees, I was grandfathered in the 1st 6 months. I was member #363.

Yes, I know I am cheap, but is it wrong to want more value for my money than less these days? I am quite pleased because I knew early on that Bonanzle would be my new home base. I am so willing to pay for such a valuable service, quickly and happily. Thanks Bonanzle!

My Point Parade:

# Points_to_consider

bobbi85710 has done all of the following:

1. Filled out profile information about themselves. See profile.
2. Used a valid credit card to pay Bonanzle fees or membership dues.
3. Received personal recommendations from other Bonanzle members. See them at the bottom of their profile page.
4. Received at least five positive feedback from transactions occurring on Bonanzle. See all feedback.
5. Filled out a detailed overview of their booth. See their detailed overview.
6. Provided detailed policies for their booth. See their booth policies.
7. Posted at least 20 messages in the Bonanzle message forums (118 messages, to be exact).
8. Given at least one other way they can be found online or offline, besides Bonanzle. See profile.
9. Logged into Bonanzle within the last month.

There are nine total points we consider when compiling the above list. A score of four is about normal for a user that has been at Bonanzle longer than a month. Very few users have more than seven. See all points considered here.