Friday, March 6, 2009

Bonanzle Full Trustability Report - Got to Love It !

New tool for buyers and sellers on Bonanzle, the Full Trustability Report. Well I can use mine for reference:

"bobbi85710 has done all of the following:

1. Filled out profile information about themselves. See profile.
2. Received personal recommendations from other Bonanzle members. See them at the bottom of their profile page.
3. Received at least five positive feedback from transactions occurring on Bonanzle. See all feedback.
4. Filled out a detailed overview of their booth. See their detailed overview.
5. Provided detailed policies for their booth. See their booth policies.
6. Posted more than 50 messages in the Bonanzle message forums (114 messages, to be exact).
7. Given at least one other way they can be found online or offline, besides Bonanzle. See profile.
8. Logged into Bonanzle within the last month.

There are nine total points we consider when compiling the above list. A score of four is about normal for a user that has been at Bonanzle longer than a month. Very few users have more than seven. See all points considered here."

It's not a sure thing, but it does give buyers a basic overview of their seller.

The one I am lacking is:

"Have they used a valid credit card to pay Bonanzle fees or membership dues? Fraudulent sellers are less likely to have access to valid credit cards. Note that the credit card used may not currently be valid, but at some point a valid card was used."

There's many reasons that members will not have this 1 of the 9. Bill, Mark, I'll call mine out.......I'm cheap

Anyway to locate this additional information, when you are ready to buy an will see on the item page "About The Seller" Box. When you see the line feedback row, the last item in that row says "more". Click there and voile, you will see the report. More Transparency ! Kudos !


Renagade said...

I too am lacking the Credit Card on file. That is because I pay from My Paypal account, Allowing my Booth to sustain itself. I feel the best thing is for a businees to pay for itself.
Now if they would allow a credit card to be on file and only use it as a second means of payment, I would be all for it.
Besides that one issue...This is just another reason People can feel safe shopping Bonanzle!

jammatun said...

I really like the new report!

ByLightOfMoon said...

Thanks for sharing all this information. I am fine on all of it, just that I am new and waiting for a sale. Many sales, I hope soon! SMiles, cyndi