Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Bonanzle Fun Exchange Information Sites Added

Easter is upon us and is the time of sharing a rebirth. As Bonanzle has grown and grown, many of us have expanded our connections across the internet. There are many more Bonanzle sellers and sellers after nearly two years of progress and it shows no signs of slowing down.

Way back when, I built a small info exchange site on Multiply that was just another up and coming social site
and activity is growing there. It's a wonderful place to showcase your wares, ask questions away from the main site, and share happy moments.

Yesterday, I was also looking to produce a site where I could condense a variety of blogs into one main parent site but permit others to incorporate their own blogs/meeting sites as well. I think I have really found the ideal site. I have created a main site, placed a Bonanzler Buyers & Sellers group there
and working on filling in some other groups as well. I have added a Barter Banter Group for trading. Just another idea to work with your extra product or if you are looking for something in particular. Of course there will be a wide variety of groups eventually but that's more eyes on product and info than just remaining in the buying/selling niche of blogs. Please feel free to join either/or and have a Happy Easter!

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