Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Bonanzle Grows - eBay Slows

With eBay's poor Q4 report confirming that there's trouble with the Donahoe Decrees, alternative sites are scoring and soaring big time.

Reasons for eBays Failings are too numerous to tally.

Bonanzle passed the 21K membership mark earlier in the week and is due for a quick 22K in the next day or so.

Reasons for Bonanzle Success are so numerous but I will endeavor to list as many as I can.

Awesome Ownership
Helpful Community
No listing fees
Low FVFs
Live Chat
Customized Seller Booth
Choice of Payment Methods
High Profile
Media Darling
Consistent Service
Fast Page Loads
Easy Listings
Feedback Import
Product Import
Cool looking site
Information Sharing
Support, Support, Support
Modern Business Model
Rapid response
Great Sellers, I buy too.
Great Buyers and more.........

Stop on by and give it a try -

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